Andrew Greenwood

Switch2move: strives to create a better everyday life for differently-able communities. 

Switch2move puts people in motion, using their own strengths, so that strengths, weaknesses and needs are expressed in the movement. Self-direction and strength are not self-evident for everyone. We guide people in this with the help of dance and music. Switch2move's activation programmes lead to physical, mental and social improvements.

Switch2move's activity programmes are based on scientific studies, combining dance and music very thoughtfully. Effective methods, which we can apply both at home using technological aids and live in practice.


Who is Andrew Greenwood: Andrew is originally from London, England. He spent most of his adult life on stage as a classical ballet dancer and on retiring. He started to work with different international companies as an international ballet master. Collaborations with different nationally acclaimed opera house around the world. Andrew believes in the importance of research and scientific data. Andrew collaborates with different academic and medical institutions. His focus now, is art and inclusion. His life work now is how to create new situations which have a dynamic energy.  What is the power of the arts? How to offer the receiver, a personal powerful experience. How to trigger all kinds of physical, mental, and social stimuli. Art is my inner force that strives to offer purpose, autonomy, quality of life and respect the heritage of all it touches. Dance and music for me is really an Internal experience. These are art forms, that comes from within from the subconscious translated into the moment.